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Chinese conversation

(Dialogues written in pinyin)

Dialogue 1

A:    ni hao.

B:    ni hao.

A:    ni hao ma?

B:    wo hen hao, xie xie. 

        ni hao ma?

A:    wo ye hen hao, xie xie.

Dialogue 2

A:    wo xihuan ni.

B:    wo ye xihuan ni.

A:    shenme?

B:    wo ye xihuan ni.

A:    wo ai ni.

B:    wo ye ai ni.

A:    shenme?

B:    wo ye ai ni.

Dialogue 3

A:    wo xihuan ni.

B:    wo bu xihuan ni.

A:    shenme?

B:    wo bing bu xihuan ni.

A:    weishenme?

B:    wo taoyan ni.

A:    shenme?

B:    wo taoyan ni. gun! gun!

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Chinese conversation

(Translation from Chinese to English)

Dialogue 1

A:    Hello.

B:    Hello.

A:    How are you?

B:    I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

A:    I’m fine too, thanks.

Dialogue 2

A:    I like you.

B:    I like you too.

A:    What?

B:    I like you too.

A:    I love you.

B:    I love you too.

A:    What?

B:    I love you too.

Dialogue 3

A:    I like you.

B:    I don’t like you.

A:    What?

B:    I don’t like you at all.

A:    Why?

B:    I hate you.

A:    What?

B:    I hate you. Go away!

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Chinese conversation

(Dialogues written with Chinese characters)

Dialogue 1

A:    你好。

B:    你好。

A:    你好吗?

B:    我很好,谢谢。你好吗?

A:    我也很好,谢谢。

Dialogue 2

A:    我喜欢你。

B:    我也喜欢你。

A:    什么?

B:    我也喜欢你。

A:    我爱你。

B:    我也爱你。

A:    什么?

B:    我也爱你。

Dialogue 3

A:    我喜欢你。

B:    我不喜欢你。

A:    什么?

B:    我并不喜欢你。

A:    为什么?

B:    我讨厌你。

A:    什么?

B:    我讨厌你。滚!滚!

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Conversational Chinese, Lesson 1.


1. What is the most literal translation of “ni hao” ?

(A) Good afternoon

(B) Hello

(C) Good morning

(D) You good

2. How do you pronounce the letter “x” ?

(A) ks

(B) sh

(C) ts

(D) tsh

3. What does “ma” mean in this lesson?

(A) question mark

(B) horse

(C) to love

(D) mother

4. What is the most literal English translation of

“wo ye hen hao” ?

(A) I’m fine too

(B) I also very good

(C) With me also good

(D) I very good

5. How do you write “ni hao ma?”  with Chinese characters?

(A) 好马你?

(B) 你好马?

(C) 你好吗?

(D) 好吗你?

6. How do you say the verb “to like” in Chinese?

(A) taoyan

(B) ai

(C) xihuan

(D) gun

7. How do you write “Thank you” with Chinese characters?

(A) 谢谢

(B) 射射

(C) 身身

(D) 很很

8. What does “shenme” mean in English?

(A) what

(B) why

(C) also

(D) not at all

9. How do you say “I love you” in Chinese?

(A) ai ni wo

(B) ni ai wo

(C) wo ai ni

(D) wo ni ai

10. How do you write “also” with Chinese characters?

(A) 爱

(B) 喜欢

(C) 什么

(D) 也

11. What does “bu” mean in English?

(A) not

(B) at all

(C) also

(D) to like

12. How do you write “not at all” with Chinese characters?

(A) 喜欢你
(B) 不并

(C) 我并

(D) 并不

13. What is the most literal English translation of


(A) because of what

(B) what

(C) why

(D) when

14. What does “taoyan” mean in English?

(A) not like

(B) Go away!

(C) hate

(D) not at all

15. How do you say “Go away!” when somebody is disturbing you?

(A) wo ai ni

(B) wo bu xihuan ni

(C) xie xie

(D) gun

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