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Learn Chinese online for free,
Conversation 13, Public Transport


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 13, Public Transport

(written in pinyin)

A:    wanshang hao. 

B:    wanshang hao.  

A:    qing wen, huoche zhan,

       zenme zou? 

B:    ni xiang zenme qu ne?

A:    na, zuo ditie ba. 

B:    ditie zhan bu yuan.

        zai zheli zuo guai jiu dao le.      

A:    zuo gonggong qiche

       ye xing ma? 

B:    gonggong qiche zhan zai na

       bian. yi bai mi jiu dao le.

A:    zuo feiji ne?  

B:    zuo feiji? ni chi cuo yao le ba.    

A:    kai wanxiao. zuo chuzuche ne? 

B:    en. zuo chuzuche hui gui yidian.

A:    na, hai you shenme banfa ne? 

B:    zou lu zuihao. ni kan, huoche

       zhan jiu zai zheli. ben dan!

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Learn Chinese online for free,
Conversation 13, Public Transport

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    晚上好。 

B:    晚上好。  

A:    请问,火车站,怎么走? 

B:    你想怎么去呢?

A:    那, 坐地铁吧。 

B:    地铁站不远。在这里左拐就到了。

A:    坐公共汽车也行吗? 

B:    公共汽车站在那边。一百米就


A:    坐飞机呢?  

B:    坐飞机?你吃错药了吧。    

A:    开玩笑。坐出租车呢? 

B:    嗯。坐出租车会贵一点。

A:    那,还有什么办法呢? 

B:    走路最好。你看, 火车站就在


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Translation from Chinese to English

A:    Good evening. 

B:    Good evening.

A:    Excuse me, how do I get to the train station?

B:    How do you want to go there?

A:    Let’s say, by subway.

B:    The subway station isn’t far. Just go left here.

A:    Can I go by bus?

B:    The busstop is over there. Just 100 meter.

A:    And by plane?

B:    By plane? Are you crazy?

A:    Just joking. What about a taxi?
B:    A taxi will be quite expensive.

A:    Is there any other way?

B:    You better walk. Look, the train station is just over there. Dummy!

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