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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 15, WeChat and QQ

(written in pinyin)

A:    qing wen, nide shouji haoma shi

       duo shao? 

B:    wo bu gaosu ni. 

A:    weishenme?  

B:    yinwei women bing bu renshi. 

A:    en. na ni gei wo nide QQ haoma,

       hao ma?

B:    hao. san,  san, qi, wu, yi, ba, liu,

       yi, wu, wu.      

A:    qing ni zai shuo yi ci.

B:    san,  san, qi, wu, yi, ba, liu, yi, wu,


A:    zai shuo yi ci.

B:    bu xing. wo yijing shuo le liang ci.

A:    na hao. ni you Weixin ma?

B:    you. ni gan xingqu ma?

A:    shi de. ni gaosu wo ba.

B:    xing. ni zhaozhao ba: ******

A:    zhao dao  le. xiexie ni.

B:    QQ he Weixin shi women

        zhongguoren zui fangbian de

        lianxi fangshi. keyi mianfei


A:    a, mingbai le.

B:    na ni jia wo ba. xia ci zai liao. bai


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Dialogue 15, Communication

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    请问,你的手机号码是多少? 

B:    我不告诉你。 

A:    为什么?  

B:    因为我们并不认识。 

A:    嗯。那你给我你的QQ号码,好


B:    好。三,三,七, 五,一,八,


A:    请你再说一次。

B:    三,三,七, 五,一,八, 六,


A:    再说一次。

B:    不行。我已经说了两次。

A:    那好。你有微信吗?

B:    有。你感兴趣吗?

A:    是的。你告诉我吧。

B:    行。你找找吧:*******

A:    找到了。谢谢你。

B:    QQ 和微信是我们中国人最方便的


A:    啊,明白了。

B:    那你加我吧。下次再聊。拜拜。

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Translation from Chinese to English

A:    Excuse me, what is your phone number?

B:    I won’t tell you.

A:    Why?

B:    Because we don’t know each other.

A:    Then give me your QQ number, OK?

B:    OK. 3, 3, 7, 5, 1, 8, 6, 1, 5, 5. 

A:    Please say it again.

B:    3, 3, 7, 5, 1, 8, 6, 1, 5, 5. 

A:    Once more.

B:    No. I already said it twice.

A:    OK. Do you have WeChat?

B:    Yes. Are you interested?

A:    Yes, please tell me.

B:    OK. Look for me:*******

A:    I found you! Thank you.

B:    QQ and WeChat are the most convenient ways for us Chinese to communicate. You can download them for free.

A:    I got it.

B:    Just add me. See you next time. Bye bye.

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