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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 26
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

T = Tingyu, O = Oliver

T: aolifu! 

O: ei, tingyu! hao jiu bu jian!

T: shi a, wo zuijin hen mang.

O: mang shenme?

T: jiu shi, jingchang chu chai.

O: qu nali?

T: wo gang cong riben huilai bu jiu,

    dahoutian hai dei qu deguo.

O: wa, hao lei!

T: bu lei, jiu shi, youdian mafan.

O: na, ni qu naxie guojia, dai fanyi


T: mei biyao. wo riyu hen liuli de, wo

    deyu ye hai keyi a.

O: ni hen congming.

T: mei you la. dui, ni hui xibanya yu,

    dui ma?

O: mei cuo.

T: ni zhidao ma, wo xia ge yue

    meizhun yao qu moxige. ni yuanyi

    pei wo qu ma? ni keyi zuo wode

    fanyi a.

O: zhende ma? hao a!

T: na mingtian zai lianxi le.

O: zhong!

T: tschüss.

O: adiós.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

T: 奥利弗! 

O: 诶,停玉!好久不见!

T: 是啊,我最近很忙。

O: 忙什么?

T: 就是,经常出差。

O: 去哪里?

T: 我刚从日本回来不久,大后天还得


O: 哇,好累。

T: 不累,就是,有点麻烦。

O: 那,你去那些国家,带翻译吗?

T: 没必要。我日语很流利的,我德语


O: 你很聪明。

T: 没有啦。对,你会西班牙语,对


O: 没错。

T: 你知道吗,我下个月没准要去墨西



O: 真的吗?好啊!

T: 那明天再联系了。

O: 中!

T: Tschüss.

O: Adiós.

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Translation from Chinese to English

T: Oliver!
O: Hey, Tingyu! Long time no see!
T: Yeah, I’m very busy lately.
O: With what?
T: Well, many business trips.

O: Going where?

T: I just came back from Japan, and in three days I must go to Germany.

O: Wow, you must be tired.
T: Not tired, it’s just a hassle.
O: If you go to those countries, do you take a translator with you?

T: No need. I speak fluent Japanese, and my German isn’t bad.
O: You’re very intelligent.
T: Not really. By the way, you speak Spanish, right?
O: You’re right.
T: You know, next month I probably have to go to Mexico. Would you like to go with me? You can be my translator.

O: Really? OK!
T: I’ll call you tomorrow.
O: OK!
T: Tschüss.

O: Adiós.

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