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Learn Chinese Mandarin for beginners, 32
Easy conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

X:    ei, ni hao. ni shi women xin lai de

       yingyu laoshi ma?

V:   da.

X:    hen hao. wo jiao wu xing yu. ni


V:    menya Vladimir zavut. 

X:    hen gaoxing renshi ni. wo shi

       zheli de xiaozhang. wo yinggai

       gaosu ni yi ge shi. women zheli

       you yige guiding. you shihou,

       fumu hui wen ni, ni shi nali ren. ni

       jiu bixu shuo ni shi meiguoren. ni

       bu keyi shuo ni laizi eluosi.

       mingbai le ma?

V:    da.       

X:    ni ting de dong wo shuo de hua


V:    nu… da.

Y:    Can you speak English?

V:    Shto??

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

X:    诶, 你好。你是我们新来的英语


V:   Da.

X:    很好。我叫 Wu Xing Yu。 你呢?

V:    Menya Vladimir zavut. 

X:    很高兴认识你。我是这里的校长。






V:    Da.       

X:    你听得懂我说的话吗?

V:    Nu… da.

Y:    Can you speak English?

V:    Shto??

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Translation from Chinese to English

X:    Hey, hello. Are you our new English teacher?
V:   (in Russian) Yes.
X:    Great. My name is Wu Xing Yu. You are…?
V:    My name is Vladimir.

X:    Very nice to meet you. I’m the headmaster of this school. I have to tell you something. We have a rule here. Sometimes the parents will ask you where you’re from. In that case you must say you’re from the USA. You can’t say you’re from Russia. Do you understand?

V:    Yes. 

X:    Do you understand what I’m saying?

V:    Well… yes.
Y:    Can you speak English?

V:    What??

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