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(written in pinyin)

O: leilei.

L:  aolifu.

O: wo chi dao le, duibuqi.

L:  mei guanxi. wo xiang gen ni tantan

     yige xiao wenti. 

O: ni zenme le?

L:  shi wo laogong. ta shi waiguoren. 

     ta weile gen wo goutong jiu kaishi

     xue le zhongwen.       

O: tai hao le!

L:  bu xing, mei banfa. tade laoshi shi

     daluren. ta yizhi gaosu wo laogong:

     “zhongwen de fayin feichang

     zhongyao. ni budebu xue hao

     zhongwen de si sheng. 

     ma, ma, ma, ma.”

O: aya, hao mafan.

L:  xianzai ne, ta jiu zhe yang gen wo

     shuo hua: “qin ai de, wo men kuai

     chi fan ba. wo e si le.” wo jiu gaosu

     ta: “baobei, ni yao shuo kuai yidian.

     fouze bu ziran, wo hui ting bu dong.

     xiang zhe yang: qinaide, women kai

     chi fan ba, wo e si le.”

O: dui a. zhe yang cai ziran de.

L:  na wo gai zenme ban ne, aolifu?

O: ni keyi gei ta kankan wode 

     zhongwen kecheng. shenme si

     sheng dou meiyou. shuo de hua

     dou hen ziran. 

L:  na ni you wangzhan ma?

O: you a.

L:  na ni yihou fa weixin gei wo ba,

     wangzhan dizhi.

O: hao de.

L:  xing. na wo xian zou le. zai jian.

O: shenme?

L:  kai wanxiao de. zai jian.

O: zai jian.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

O: 蕾蕾。

L:  奥利弗。

O: 我迟到了,对不起。

L:  没关系。我想跟你谈谈一个小问题。

O: 你怎么了?

L:  是我老公。他是外国人。他为了


O: 太好了!

L:  不行。没办法。他的老师是大陆人。

     TA 一直告诉我老公,「中文的发音



O: 啊呀,好麻烦。

L:  现在呢, 他就这样跟我说话,






O: 对啊。这样才自然的。

L:  那我该怎么办呢,奥利弗?

O: 你可以给他看看我的中文课程。


L:  那你有网站吗?

O: 有啊。

L:  那你以后发微信给我吧,网站地址。

O: 好的。

L:  行。那我先走了。再见。

O: 什么?

L:  开玩笑的。再见。

O: 再见。

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Translation from Chinese to English

O: Leilei.
L:  Oliver.

O: I’m late, sorry.

L:  Doesn’t matter. I want to discuss a little problem with you.

O: What’s wrong with you?

L:  It’s my husband. He’s a foreigner. In order to communicate with me, he started to learn Chinese.

O: Great!

L:  No, it doesn’t work. His teacher is from mainland China. He always tells my husband, “The Chinese pronunciation is very important. You must learn well the Chinese four tones. Ma, ma, ma, ma.”

O: Oh no, what a hassle.

L:  Now he speaks to me like this, “Dear-let’s-eat-soon. I-am-star-ving.” So I tell him, “Darling, you must speak more quickly, otherwise it’s not natural, and I won’t understand you. Like this, “Dear, let’s eat soon. I am starving.”
O: Exactly, that way it’s natural.

L:  So what should I do, Oliver?

O: You could show him my Chinese course. No four tones.The language is all very natural.
L:  Do you have a website?

O: Sure.
L:  Send me a WeChat message with the link later.

O: OK.

L:  Great. I’m off again. Zai…jian…

O: Sorry?

L:  Just kidding. Zai jian.

O: Bye bye.

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