Learn Chinese for beginners,
Lesson 4, count 1-10 with hands


( Don’t forget the test at the bottom! )

Count in Chinese from 1-10 and 1-100,
using fingers and hands.

(numbers in pinyin and Chinese characters)

一        yi        1

二        er       2

三        san     3    

四        si        4

五        wu      5

六        liu       6

七        qi        7

八        ba       8

九        jiu       9

十        shi      10

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Count in Chinese from 1-10 and 1-100

1. er + wu - qi + shi + liu - si + (san) x (yi) -  ba + jiu =

(A) 9

(B) 12 

(C) 16

(D) -4

2. Which number is hidden inside this Chinese character?

(A) 4

(B) 8

(C) 2

(D) 3

3. Which number is hidden inside this Chinese character?

(A) 9

(B) 4

(C) 8

(D) 5

4. This gesture looks like which Chinese character?

(A) 一

(B) 七

(C) 九

(D) 六

5. Which number do you see if you turn this Chinese character upside down?

(A) 7

(B) 1

(C) 6

(D) 2

6. This hand and fingers, which number do they resemble?

(A) 8

(B) 7

(C) 10

(D) 3

7. Which Chinese character do these fingers resemble?

(A) 八

(B) 三

(C) 九

(D) 六

8. This Chinese character and its corresponding gesture, which letter do they resemble?


(A) o (the o of one)

(B) t (the t of two)

(C) n (the n of nine)

(D) s (the s of seven)

9. These hands and fingers, which Chinese character do they resemble ?

(A) 六

(B) 一

(C) 二

(D) 十

(A) 0

(B) -3

(C) 3

(D) 8

(A) 8

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) 11

(A) -3

(B) 0

(C) 3

(D) 4

(A) 43

(B) 34

(C) 39

(D) 93

(A) 60

(B) 41

(C) 61

(D) 81

(A) 72

(B) 17

(C) 77

(D) 14

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Learn counting in Chinese from 1 to 10 and 1 to 100 with fingers, hands and gestures.

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