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Conversation 9, Speak about food


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Learn Chinese online for free,
Conversation 9, Speak about food

(written in pinyin)

A:    ni xiang he shenme?

B:    shui. ni ne? 

A:    pijiu.

B:    xing. fuwuyuan.

B:    wasai! zhen haokan! 

A:    en. qing wen, zhe shi shenme?

B:    na shi zhurou.

A:    nage ne?

B:    zhe shi jirou.

A:    zhege ne?

B:    na shi niurou.

A:    na shi shenme?

B:    zhe shi yu.

A:    hao. women chi ba. 

B:    man man chi.

A:    zenme yang?

B:    hao chi. ni ye xihuan ma?   

A:    xihuan. wo xiang he baijiu. 

B:    baijiu? jiugui!

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Learn Chinese online for free,
Conversation 9, Speak about food

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    你想喝什么?

B:    水。你呢? 

A:    啤酒。

B:    行。服务员!

B:    哇塞!真好看! 

A:    嗯。请问,这是什么?

B:    那是猪肉。

A:    那个呢?

B:    这是鸡肉。

A:    这个呢?

B:    那是牛肉。

A:    那是什么?

B:    这是鱼。

A:    好。我们吃吧。 

B:    慢慢吃。

A:    怎么样?

B:    好吃。你也喜欢吗?   

A:    喜欢。我想喝白酒。 

B:    白酒?酒鬼!

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Conversation 9, Speak about food,

Write Chinese characters and meaning,


1. How do you write the verb “to want”, with a Chinese character, and in pinyin?

(A) 想 / shang

(B) 思 / chang

(C) 想 / xiang

(D) 意 / xiang

In all the combination-characters of question 1, you can see at the bottom the character 心 (xin), which means “heart". These kind of characters often express things related to the inner life, such as the verb “to want”.

2. How do you write the verb “to drink”, with a Chinese character, and in pinyin?

(A) 喝 / ge

(B) 叩 / he

(C) 唱 / he

(D) 喝 / he

3. In all the combination-characters of question 2, you can see the same character on the left side. What does that character mean?

(A) mouth

(B) heart

(C) to want

(D) to drink

4. What does the Chinese character 水 mean?

(A) beer

(B) mouth

(C) water

(D) to invite

5. How do you write “alcoholic drink” with a Chinese character, and in pinyin?

(A) 酒 / qiu

(B) 激 / chou

(C) 河 / jiu

(D) 酒 / jiu

In all the combination-characters of question 5, you can see three little stripes on the left. They represent the character 水. These kinds of characters are often related to liquids. 

6. How do you write the Chinese character 行 with pinyin, and what is the English translation?

(A) shing /   beautiful

(B) shing /   good

(C) xing /     OK

(D) xing /     beautiful

7. Which emotion is expressed by 哇塞 (wa sai) ?

(A) to be angry

(B) to be impressed

(C) to be disappointed

(D) to be hungry

8. “Beautiful” with Chinese characters  is 好看. What is the literal translation of 好看 into English? 

(A) Good beautiful

(B) Beautiful see

(C) Beautiful watch

(D) Good see

9. How do you write “这 是 什么?” with pinyin, and what is the most literal English translation?  

(A) zhe shi shenme ? / This is what?

(B) zhe shi shenme ? / What is this?

(C) zhi xi shenme ?  / That is what?

(D) zhe shi shenma ? / This is what?


10. How do you write these animals with pinyin?

“ chicken / pig / fish / cow ”

(A) ji    / yu    / niu   / zhu

(B) ji    / zhu  / yu    / niu

(C) niu / ji      / yu    / zhu

(D) ji    / zhu  / niu   / yu

11. What do these Chinese characters mean?

“ 猪 / 牛 / 鸡 /鱼 ”  

(A) pig       / fish       / chicken / cow

(B) cow     / chicken / fish       / pig

(C) pig      / cow       / chicken / fish

(D) chicken / cow      / pig       / fish

12. How do you write “ zhege / nage “ with Chinese characters, and what is the English translation?

(A) 那个 / 这个      that one/ this one
(B) 这个 / 哪个      this one / that one

(C) 哪个 / 这个      that one / this one

(D) 这个 / 那个      this one / that one 

13. “Enjoy your meal” in Chinese is “man man chi”. How do you write this with Chinese characters, and what is the literal English translation?

(A) 漫漫吃  / slowly slowly eat

(B) 慢慢吃  / enjoy enjoy eat

(C) 馒馒吃  / good good eat

(D) 慢慢吃  / slowly slowly eat 

14. The Chinese character for “to eat” is another combination-character. How do you write the character on the left with pinyin?

(A) kou

(B) man

(C) chi

(D) hao

15. How do you ask “How is it?” or “How about it?” in Chinese, with characters and with pinyin?

(A) 什么样?   / zenme yang ?

(B) 怎么样?   / zenme yang ?

(C) 怎么羊?   / zenme yang ?

(D) 怎么洋?   / shenme yang ?

16. “Delicious”, when referring to something that you can eat, in Chinese is “good eat”. How do you write that with Chinese characters, and with pinyin?

(A) 好吃 / hau chi

(B) 好叩 / hau chi

(C) 吃好 / hao chi

(D) 好吃 / hao chi

17. How do you write “ beer / Chinese vodka ” with Chinese characters, and with pinyin?

(A) 啤酒 / 白酒      pi jiu / bai jiu

(B) 啤酒 / 百酒      pi jiu / bai jiu  

(C) 啤酒 / 白酒      bi jiu / bai jiu

(D) 啤酒 / 白酒      pi jiu / pai jiu

18. What does 酒鬼 (jiu gui) mean? 

(A) guzzler

(B) liquor store

(C) drunkard

(D) foreigner

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