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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 14, The Playboy

(written in pinyin)

A:    qing wen, nin shi O.

        xiansheng ba. 

B:    en.  

A:    hao de. zhe shi nin de qian.

       wode kehu feichang shengqi.

       ta zong shuo, pian ta de ren

       hai mei chusheng. dan zhe ci

       ta zhende shangxin le. nage

       laowai zhen shi ge huahua

       gongzi. xing. na, zhu ni


B:    zhaopian ne?

A:    wang le. gei ni. 

B:    qing nin shao deng.

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Learn Chinese online for free,
Conversation 14, The Playboy

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    请问,您是 O 先生吧。 

B:    嗯。  

A:    好的。这是您的钱。我的






B:    照片呢?

A:    忘了。给你。 

B:    请您稍等。

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Translation from Chinese to English

A:    I guess you’re Mr. O. 

B:    Yeah.

A:    OK. This is your money. My client is furious. She always says, “Nobody can cheat me!”. But this time she is really heart-broken. That foreigner is a real playboy. Well, I wish you good luck.
B:    Picture?

A:    Sorry. Here you are.

B:    Please wait a minute.

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