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(written in pinyin)

Y = Yezi. O = Oliver.

Y: ni hao, huanying guanglin.

O: ei, ni hao. wo xiang mai yi ping

     mao tai jiu.

Y: mao tai jiu? wo zhe bian you, 

     bu yong. 

O: dui, wo xiang mai yi ping. shi song

     gei wode yige lao pengyou de.

Y: a, ni xiang mai, bu shi mai.       

O: aya, bu hao yisi. wo fayin bu


Y: hai keyi. ni duo da le?

O: wo? wo yijing lao le!

Y: ni dai huzhao le ma?

O: mei you.

Y: shenfenzheng ne?

O: wo shenme dou mei dai. 

Y: na wo bu keyi mai gei ni.

     zhe shi falv guiding.

O: tian a! zhe shi zenme hui shi?

Y: kai wanxiao de. sanshi kuai.

O: tai hao le. zhege keyi ma?

Y: xinyongka. bu xing.

     ni you xianjin ma?

O: mei you.

Y: weixin zhifu ne?

O: mei you.

Y: na ni qu yinhang qu qian ba.

O: hao de. mashang huilai.

Y: yihuier jian. 

O: wu fenzhong.

Y: zhong.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

Y: 你好,欢迎光临。

O: 诶,你好。我想卖一瓶茅台酒。

Y: 茅台酒?我这边有,不用。

O: 对,我想卖一瓶。是送给我的


Y: 啊,你想买,不是卖。

O: 啊呀,不好意思。我发音不标准。

Y: 还可以。你多大了?

O: 我? 我已经老了!

Y: 你带护照了吗?

O: 没有。

Y: 身份证呢?

O: 我什么都没带。

Y: 那我不可以卖给你。这是


O: 天啊!这是怎么回事?

Y: 开玩笑的。三十块。

O: 太好了。这个可以吗?

Y: 信用卡。不行。你有现金吗?

O: 没有。

Y: 微信支付呢?

O: 没有。

Y: 那你去银行取钱吧。

O: 好的。马上回来。

Y: 一会儿见。

O: 五分钟。

Y: 中。

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Translation from Chinese to English

Y: Hello, welcome to my shop.
O: Hey, hello. I want to MAI a bottle of Mao Tai Jiu.

Y: Mao Tai Jiu? I have it here, I don’t need it.

O: Right, I want to MAI one bottle. It’s a present for an old friend of mine.

Y: Ah, you want to MAI, not MAI.
O: Oh no, sorry. My pronunciation isn’t good.
Y: It’s OK. How old are you?

O: Me? I’m already old!

Y: Do you have a passport with you?

O: No.

Y: An ID-card?

O: I didn’t bring anything.
Y: Then I can’t sell it to you. That’s the law.

O: My God! What’s going on here?
Y: I’m kidding. 30 kai.

O: Good. Can I use this?

Y: Credit card. No. Do you have cash?

O: No.
Y: WeChat Pay?
O: No.

Y: Then you better go to the bank and withdraw money.

O: OK. Back in a sec.

Y: See you in a bit.
O: Five minutes.
Y: OK.

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