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Conversational Chinese, Lesson 18
Conversation with English subtitles


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 18, Chinese food

(written in pinyin)

A    =    lady left

B    =    lady right

C    =    mister

B:    wu shi wan.  

C:    ren min bi?

A:    mei jin.

C:    bu xing, bu xing.

B:    ni zenme jiu bu mingbai ne?

       pohuai womende shengyi. 

A:    womende kehu yijing hao jiu mei

       lai le. nimende baozi, jiaozi,

       miantiao, dou bi womende

       haochi. zhe shi zenme hui shi er?

B:    O xiansheng, qing ni haohao zai

       kaolv kaolv. Womende laoban bu

       xiang shanghai ni.       

C:   qing nimen gaosu ta, wo shi ta

       baba de pengyou. 

A:   O xiansheng, pian ta de ren hai

       meiyou chusheng. erqie, wo

       juede, ta aishang ni le.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation 18 with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

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B:    五十万。

C:    人民币?

A:    美金。

C:    不行。不行。

B:    你怎么就不明白呢?破坏我们的


A:    我们的客户已经好久没来了。



B:    O 先生,请你好好再考虑考虑。


C:    请你们告诉她,我是她爸爸的


A:    O 先生,骗她的人还没有出生。


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 18 with English subtitles

(Translation Chinese to English)

B:    50.000.

C:    RMB?

A:    Dollar.

C:    No way, no way.

B:    Why don’t you understand? You’re ruining our business.

A:    Our customers haven’t come for a long time now. Your steamed stuffed buns, dumplings and noodles, they all taste better than ours. What’s going on here?

B:    Mr. O, please think again. Our boss doesn’t want to hurt you. 

C:    Please tell her that I’m a friend of her father. 

A:    Mr. O, nobody can cheat her. Besides, I think she's fallen in love with you.

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