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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 28
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

M: dui le, xiatian kuai dao le. ni xiang

     qu nali lvyou? 

O: wo? wo yizhi xiang qu xinxilan.

M: xinxilan? bu xing, ni bing bu hui

     shuo yingwen.

O: gen lvyoutuan yiqi qu ba.

M: bu bu bu. lvyoutuan jiu shi, yao

     yizhi genzhe neige daoyou. ziyou

     zizai de bu hao ma?  

O: na, women qu taiwan ba. yige libai

     taibei, yige libai tainan.

M: hao zhuyi. xinjiapo ye bu cuo.

     tamen dou hui shuo zhongwen.

O: bu xing. tai gui le, meiyou qian.

M: na, malaixiya zenme yang? neige

     guojia ting pianyi.

O: ai, hui tou zai shuo.

M: ei, ni zhidao, xingbake, zenme

     shuo ma, yong yingwen?

O: jiu shi xingbake.

M: na, maidanglao ne?

O: aiya, jiu shi maidanglao! ni zenme


M: ei, women qu hong kong ba.

O: hong kong? na shi shenme?

M: aiya.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

M: 对了, 夏天快到了。你想去哪里旅


O: 我?我一直想去新西兰。

M: 新西兰?不行,你并不会说英文。

O: 跟旅游团一起去吧。

M: 不不不。旅游团就是,要一直跟着


O: 那, 我们去台湾吧。一个礼拜台


M: 好主意。新加坡也不错。他们都会


O: 不行。太贵了,没有钱。

M: 那,马来西亚怎么样?那个国家


O: 哎,回头再说。

M: 诶,你知道, 星巴克,怎么说吗,


O: 就是星巴克。

M: 那, 麦当劳呢?

O: 哎呀,就是麦当劳。你怎么了?

M: 诶, 我们去 hong kong 吧。

O: hong kong? 那是什么?

M: 哎呀。

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Translation from Chinese to English

M: By the way, it’s almost summer. Where do you want to go on holidays?

O: Me? I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand.

M: New Zealand? No way, you don’t speak any English.

O: Let’s go with a travel group.

M: No. With a travel group, you always have to follow the guide. Don’t you want to be free?

O: Well, let’s go to Taiwan then. One week Taipei, one week Tainan.
M: Good idea. Singapore isn’t bad either. They all speak Chinese there.

O: No way, too expensive. I don’t have that much money.
M: And what about Malaysia? That country is quite cheap.
O: Let’s talk about it later.

M: Hey, do you know how to say XINGBAKE in English?

M: And what about MAIDANGLAO?

O: Just MAIDANGLAO. What’s wrong with you?

M: Hey, let’s go to Hong Kong!

O: Hong Kong? What is that?

M: Oh my...

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