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Conversational Chinese, Lesson 16
Conversation with English subtitles


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 16, First Date

(written in pinyin)

A:    ni shi Fiona ba. 

B:    mei cuo er.  

A:    tai hao le. women zhongyu

       jianmian le. 

B:    shi a.

A:    gei ni. xiao liwu.  

B:    xiexie. zhe shi shenme?

A:    qiaokeli.

B:    wo bu chi qiaokeli. ni shenme

       shihou hui meiguo?

A:    wo bu shi meiguoren, wo shi


B:    ni hen pang.

A:    ni ye hen bang.

B:    bu bu bu. bu shi bang, shi pang.

       wo qu xi yixia shou.

A:    hao de.

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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 16 with English subtitles

(Translation Chinese to English)

A:    I guess you’re Fiona.

B:    That’s right.

A:    Great! We finally meet.

B:    Yeah.

A:    Here’s a little present.

B:    Thanks. What is it?

A:    Chocolate.

B:    I don’t like chocolate. When will

       you go back to the US? 

A:    I’m not from the US. I’m European.

B:    You’re very PANG.

A:    You’re also very BANG.

B:    No, it’s not BANG. It’s PANG.

       I’m gonna wash my hands.

A:    OK.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation 16 with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    你是 Fiona 吧。 

B:    没错儿。 

A:    太好了。我们终于见面了。 

B:    是啊。

A:    给你。小礼物。  

B:    谢谢。这是什么?

A:    巧克力。

B:    我不吃巧克力。你什么时候


A:    我不是美国人,我是欧洲人。

B:    你很胖。

A:    你也很棒。

B:    不不不。不是棒,是胖。


A:    好的。

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