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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 30
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

O:   ei, xuyao wo bang ge mang ma? 

Y:    xie xie. 

O:   ni yao tui fang ma?

Y:    dui.

O:    ni hui guo ba.     

Y:    dui, qu jichang.

O:    wa, hao zhong! zhe shi nide yifu 


Y:    bu shi, shi yixie yao he 


O:    weishenme?

Y:    wo shi zuo shengyi de. guoji 


O:    a, shi zhe yang.

Y:    women nali de yao he 

       huazhuangpin youdian bu xing.   

O:   en.

Y:   women dao le yi lou le.

O:   hao de. xie tian xie di.

Y:   gun!

O:   shenme?

Y:   gun!

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

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O:   诶,需要我帮个忙吗?

Y:    谢谢。 

O:   你要退房吗?

Y:    对。

O:    你回国吧。     

Y:    对,去机场。

O:   哇,好重!这是你的衣服吗? 

Y:    不是, 是一些药和化妆品。

O:    为什么?

Y:    我是做生意的。国际贸易。

O:    啊, 是这样。

Y:    我们那里的药和化妆品有点不行。

O:   嗯。

Y:   我们到了一楼了。

O:   好的。谢天谢地。

Y:   滚!

O:   什么?

Y:   滚!

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Translation from Chinese to English

O:   Hey, can I help you?
Y:    Thank you.

O:   Are you going to check out?

Y:    Yeah.
O:    Back to China?  

Y:    Yes, to the airport now.

O:   Wow, so heavy! Are these your clothes?

Y:    No, some medicines and make-up.

O:    Why?

Y:    I do business. International trade.
O:    Ah, I see.

Y:    Our own medicines and make-up aren’t very good.
O:   Aha.
Y:   This is the ground floor.
O:   OK. Thank God.

Y:   Gun.
O:   Sorry?
Y:   GUN!

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