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Chinese for beginners, Lesson 24,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

A = Alice, O = Oliver

O: duibuqi, wo ganggang ting ni shuo

     zhongwen, danshi nide kouyin

     youdian qiguai. ni shi zhongguo

     ren ma?

A: bu shi, wo shi huaren.

O: huaren? na shi shenme guojia?

A: ni bu mingbai huaren. ta jiu shi

     xiang zhongguoren yiyang, danshi

     ta bu zhu zai zhongguo.

O: a. na ni ziji zhu zai na er?

A: wo laizi malaixiya.

O: en. nimen nabian de huaren duo


A: shi de, henduo. dagai you si fenzhi

    yi shi huaren.

O: chule malaixiya yiwai, hai you

     qitade guojia you huaren ma?

A: you a, henduo. yazhou, meizhou,

    ouzhou, feizhou, daochu dou you.

O: wasai, wo zenme bu zhidao le?

A: da bu fen shi zai guowai chusheng

    de, danshi xianzai ye you henduo

    de zhongguoren dou ban jia dao

    guowai fazhan.

O: a, mingbai le. xiexie ni. darao ni le.

A: mei shi. zhu ni yukuai.

O: zai jian.

A: zai jian.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

O: 对不起,我刚刚听你说中文,但是



A: 不是,我是华人。

O: 华人?那是什么国家?

A: 你不明白华人。他就是像中国人一


O: 啊。那你自己住在哪儿?

A: 我来自马来西亚。

O: 嗯。你们那边的华人多吗?

A: 是的,很多。大概有四分之一是


O: 除了马来西亚以外,还有其他的


A: 有啊,很多。亚洲,美洲,欧洲,


O: 哇塞,我怎么不知道了?

A: 大部分是在国外出生的,但是现在



O: 啊,明白了。谢谢你。打扰你了。

A: 没事。祝你愉快。

O: 再见。

A: 再见。

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Translation from Chinese to English

O: Excuse me, I just heard you speak Chinese, but with a strange accent. Are you Chinese?

A: No, I’m a HUAREN.
O: HUAREN? What country is that?
A: You don’t understand HUAREN. It’s like a Chinese person, but doesn’t live in China.

O: I see. So, where do you live?
A: I come from Malaysia.
O: OK. Do you have many HUAREN there?
A: Yeah, a lot. About one quarter is HUAREN.
O: Besides Malaysia, are there any other countries with HUAREN?

A: Yes, many. Asia, America, Europe, Africa, they are everywhere.
O: Wow, why didn’t I know?
A: Most were born abroad, but also now there are many Chinese people that move abroad to start a living. 

O: Ah, I get it. Thank you, sorry for disturbing.
A: No problem. Have a nice day. 

O: Bye bye.
A: Bye bye.

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