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(written in pinyin)

O:   ei, Antin!

A:   ei, Aolifu, hao jiu bu jian. 

O:   en. ni gan ma daizhe yusan ne? 

       tianqi zheme hao.

A:    yinwei xiawu hui xia yu a.

O:   na ta weishenme kaizhe ne?     

A:    a, ta bu hui guan de. zhe shi wo 

       gelunbiya de pengyou song gei 

       wo de. ta shuo nei bian yizhi xia 


O:   na ruguo nide pengyou shi aiji de,

       yusan hui da bu kai ma?

A:    aiya, nei bian bu hui you yusan. 

       ni zhen sha.

O:   ei, wo xiang wen yixia. mingtian 

      de tianqi zenme yang?

A:   mingtian hui xia xue, erqie hui 

       gua feng, ting lihai de.

O:   aiya, zhen daomei.

A:   zenme le?      

O:   jiu shi, mingtian wo xiang gen 

      wode yige lao pengyou qu diao yu.

A:   mei shi.

O:   shenme yisi?

A:   yu bu pa xue, ye bu pa feng. aya, 

      ni zhege ben dan. wo yao xian

      zou le. bai bai.

O:  zai jian.

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Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

O:   诶,Antin!

A:   诶,奥利弗, 好久不见。

O:   嗯。你干嘛带着雨伞呢?天气这么


A:    因为下午会下雨啊。

O:   那它为什么开着呢? 

A:    啊,它不会关的。这是我哥伦比亚



O:   那如果你的朋友是埃及的,雨伞会


A:    啊呀,那边不会有雨伞。你真傻。

O:   诶,我想问一下。明天的天气怎么


A:    明天会下雪,而且会刮风,挺厉害


O:   哎呀,真倒霉。

A:   怎么了?    

O:   就是,明天我想跟我的一个老朋友


A:   没事儿。

O:   什么意思?

A:   鱼不怕雪,也不怕风。哎呀,你这


O:  再见。

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Translation from Chinese to English

O:   Hey, Antin!
A:   Hey, Oliver, long time no see.

O:   Why are you carrying an umbrella? The weather is great.
A:    Because it will rain this afternoon.
O:   So why is it open?

A:    Ah, it can’t be closed. My friend from Colombia gave it to me. He said it always rains there.

O:   So, if your friend were from Egypt, your umbrella couldn’t be opened?

A:    Man, they don’t have any umbrella’s there. You’re so silly.

O:   By the way, what’s the weather gonna be tomorrow?
A:    Tomorrow it’s gonna snow, with a very strong wind.
O:   Oh no, bad luck.
A:   Why?

O:   I want to go fishing with an old friend tomorrow.
A:   Oh, no problem.

O:   What do you mean?
A:   Fish are not scared of snow, or of wind. You’re really dumb. I’m off again. Bye bye.
O:  See you.

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