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Conversation with English subtitles


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Chinese for beginners, Lesson 22,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

Oliver! Xin nian kuai le!

Xiexie nimen! Wo ye zhu nimen xin nian kuai le!

(1) Bu bu bu. Women shi zhongguoren. Womende xin nian hai mei lai.

(2) Women Zhongguo you chunjie. 

Dajia dou hui lao jia.

(3) Mei nian chunjie de riqi dou bu yiyang. Zhe shi gen yueqiu you guanxi de.

(4) Ni tingshuo guo shi er sheng xiao ma?

Jiu shi , Cheng Long nage dianying ma?

(4) Bu shi. Shi er sheng xiao, jiu shi shi er ge dongwu.

(5) Mei nian dou you yige dongwu. 

Biru , 2019 nian shi zhu nian. Wo shu ma.

(4) Wo shu yang.

(3) Wo shu gou.

(2) Wo shu long.

(1) Wo shu zhu.

Wo ye shi!

(1) Zhende? Na ni da wo shi er sui.

Shi de.


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Learn conversational Chinese,
Dialogue 22 with English subtitles

(Translation Chinese to English)

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Oliver! Happy New Year!

Thank you! I wish you too a Happy New Year!

(1) No! We’re Chinese. Our New Year hasn’t started yet.

(2) In China we have the Spring Festival. Everybody goes back to his hometown.

(3) The date of Spring Festival is different every year. That has to do with the moon.

(4) Have you heard of the Chinese Zodiac?

You mean, that Jacky Chan movie?

(4) No. The Chinese Zodiac are twelve animals. 

(5) Every year has one animal. For example, 2019 is the year of the Pig. I’m a Horse. 

(4) I’m a Goat.

(3) I’m a Dog.

(2) I’m a Dragon.

(1) I’m a Pig.

Me too!

(1) Really? So you’re 12 years older than me. 

Eh… yeah…


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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)



(1) 不不不。我们是中国人。我们的新年还没来。

(2) 我们中国有春节。大家都回老家。

(3) 每年春节的日期都不一样。这是跟月球有关系的。

(4) 你听说过十二生肖吗?


(4) 不是。十二生肖,就是十二个动物。

(5) 每年都有一个动物。比如,2019年是猪年。我属马。

(4) 我属羊。

(3) 我属狗。

(2) 我属龙。

(1) 我属猪。


(1) 真的?那你大我十二岁。



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Learn to speak and write conversational basic Chinese with the best language course and free lessons online. Lesson 22, How to say Happy New Year in Chinese, The Spring Festival.

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