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Conversation with English subtitles


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Chinese for beginners, Lesson 23,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

A = student, B = friend

O = teacher

A: laoshi, shengri kuaile!

O: xie xie!

A: gei ni, xiao liwu.

O: zhe shi shenme?

A: er guo tou. 

O: shenme?

B: bai jiu.

O: a, hao dongxi!

A: ni xianzai ji sui le?

O: ai, bie ti le.

A: laoshi, gei ni jieshao yixia. zhe

    shi wode pengyou. ta jiao Yu.

B: hen gaoxing renshi ni.

O: wo ye shi.

B: nide zhongwen zai naer xue de?

O: beijing shoudu.

B: wa, hao lihai ya.

A: women jintian qing ni chi fan. ni

    xiang chi huo guo ma? haishi

    yangrou chuan?

O: huo guo ba.

B: ni neng chi la de ma?

O: mei wenti.

B: ma la de ne?

O: dou keyi.

B: tai hao le.

A: bie he zui le, en.

O: zhong!

B: tian a, ni hai hui shuo henan

    hua ne.

A+B: zou ba!

(liang ge xiaoshi yihou)

A: laoshi! laoshi!

B: ta zui le.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

A: 老师,生日快乐!

O: 谢谢!

A: 给你,小礼物。

O: 这是什么?

A: 二锅头。

O: 什么?

B: 白酒。

O: 啊,好东西!

A: 你现在几岁了?

O: 哎,别提了。

A: 老师,给你介绍一下。这是我的


B: 很高兴认识你。

O: 我也是。

B: 你的中文在哪儿学的?

O: 北京首都。

B: 哇,好厉害呀。

A: 我们今天请你吃饭。你想吃火锅


O: 火锅吧。

B: 你能吃辣的吗?

O: 没问题。

B: 麻辣的呢?

O: 都可以。

B: 太好了。

A: 别喝醉了,嗯。

O: 中!

B: 天啊,你还会说河南话呢。

A+B: 走吧!


A: 老师!老师!

B: 他醉了。

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Learn conversational Chinese,
Dialogue 23 with English subtitles

(Translation Chinese to English)

A: Teacher, happy birthday!

O: Thank you!

A: Here you are, a little present.

O: What’s this?

A: Er Guo Tou.

O: What?

B: Chinese vodka.

O: Ah, great!

A: How old are you now?

O: That’s not important.

A: Teacher, let me introduce

     my friend to you.

     Her name is Yu.

B: Nice to meet you.

O: Me too. 

B: Where did you learn your Chinese?

O: In the capital, Beijing. 

B: Wow, great.

A: Today we invite you for dinner.

     Do you want to eat hotpot? 

     Or lamb sticks?

O: Let’s have hotpot. 

B: Can you eat spicy?

O: No problem. 

B: But really spicy. 

O: I’ll be fine. 

B: Very good. 

A: Don’t get drunk, OK?

O: Deal!

B: Wow, you can even speak

     Henan dialect!

A+B: Let’s go!

(two hours later)

A: Teacher? Teacher?

B: He’s drunk.

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