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Lesson 3, I love you in Chinese


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How to say and write “I love you” in Chinese

(written in Chinese characters,
pinyin and English translation )


我        wo      I

你        ni        you    (singular)

他        ta        he

她        ta        she

它        ta        it

Plural (+ men):

我们        women      we

你们        nimen        you  (plural)

他们        tamen        they (masculine)

她们        tamen        they (feminine)

它们        tamen        they (neuter)

爱         ai        to love

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Conversational Chinese, Lesson 3.
How to say and write I love you in Chinese.


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1. Which word do you place after a personal pronoun to make it plural?

(A) men

(B) ni

(C) ai

(D) wo

2. How do you say “Hello” to 2 persons in Chinese?

(A) Ni hao

(B) Ni hao ma?

(C) Nimen hao

(D) Tamen hao

3. How do you say “We love you (plural)” in Chinese?

(A) tamen ai women

(B) wo ai ni

(C) nimen ai women

(D) women ai nimen

4. How do you say “He loves her” in Chinese?

(A) Ta ai tamen

(B) Tamen ai ta

(C) Ta ai ta

(D) Tamen ai tamen

5. What is the English translation of “她 爱 他”  ?

(A) She loves him

(B) She loves me

(C) He loves her

(D) I love you

The Chinese character for “he”, 他, begins with the character 人 (pinyin: ren), which means “person”.

The Chinese character for “she”, 她, begins with the character 女 (pinyin: nv), which means “woman”.

The Chinese character for “it”, 它, doesn’t have either.

6. How do you write “it / she / he” with Chinese characters?

(A) 它 / 我 / 她

(B) 他 / 她 / 它

(C) 我 / 爱 / 你

(D) 它 / 她 / 他

7. What is the English translation of

“我爱你。你爱我吗?”   ?

(A) I love her. Does she love me?

(B) I love you. Do you love me?

(C) She loves us. Does she love them?

(D) It loves me. Does it love you?

8. How do you write with Chinese characters:

“They (masculine) love them (feminine)”.

(A) 它们 爱 她们

(B) 他们 爱 它们

(C) 她们 爱 他们

(D) 他们 爱 她们

9. How do you write with Chinese characters: 

“Does she love him?”

(A) 她 爱 他 ?

(B) 她 爱 他们 ?

(C) 她 爱 他 吗?

(D) 她 爱 你 吗?

10. How do you write in Chinese,

“We’re fine.”

(A) 我们 好

(B) 你 好 吗

(C) 你们 好

(D) 我 不 好

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Learn how to say and write I love you in Mandarin Chinese.

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How to say and write I love you with Chinese characters, course for beginners.

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