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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 25
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

qing wen, ni shi nali ren?

(1) wo shi shandong qingdao de.

wasai, hao difang!

(1) qu guo ma?

en, qu guo.

(1) xihuan womende pijiu ma?

haohe ji le! na, ni ne?

(2) wo shi dongbei ren.

wasai, hao difang! dongbei nali?

(2) haerbin, qu guo ma?  

en, qu guo.

(2) kan le bingdeng ma?

kan le, zhen mei. leng si le! 

na, nide laojia ne?

(3) wo laizi kunming.

wasai, hao difang!

(3) wo ye juede. henduo minzu.

dui. wo hai qu guo dali he lijiang.

(3) yu long xue shan hen piaoliang.

dui. na, ni ne?

(4) wo shi xi an de.        

wasai, hao difang!

(4) ni qu kan le bingmayong ma?

qu le, liang ci. zhen you yisi.

(4) huanying zai lai.

xie xie ni. na, ni ne?

(5) wo shi guangdong shenzhen de.

wasai, hao difang!

(5) ni mei qu guo ba.

qu guo, hao ji ci. ni jingchang qu

xianggang ma?

(5) en, you de shihou. xianggang de dongxi hao gui.

xuyao qianzheng ma?

(5) wo bu xuyao. 

(4) na, aolifu, ni ziji shi nali ren?

wo? wo laizi

meiguo/ jieke/ yingguo/ riben/ jianada/


(1-5) wasai, hao difang!

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)


(1) 我是山东青岛的。


(1) 去过吗?


(1) 喜欢我们的啤酒吗?


(2) 我是东北人。


(2) 哈尔滨,去过吗?  


(2) 看了冰灯吗?



(3) 我来自昆明。


(3) 我也觉得。很多民族。


(3) 玉龙雪山很漂亮。


(4) 我是西安的。        


(4) 你去看了兵马俑吗?


(4) 欢迎再来。


(5) 我是广东深圳的。


(5) 你没去过吧。


(5) 嗯,有的时候。香港的东西好贵。


(5) 我不需要。 

(4) 那,奥利弗,你自己是哪里人?


美国/ 捷克/ 英国/ 日本/ 加拿大/ 


(1-5) 哇塞,好地方!

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Translation from Chinese to English

Excuse me, where are you from?
(1) I’m from Qingdao in Shandong.
Wow, great place!
(1) Have you been?
(1) Do you like our beer?
So delicious! What about you?
(2) I’m from Dongbei.
Wow, great place! Whereabouts in Dongbei?
(2) Harbin, have you been?
(2) Did you see the illuminated ice sculptures?
I did, so beautiful! Freezing cold! What about you?

(3) I come from Kunming.
Wow, great place!

(3) I agree. Many ethnicities.
Yeah. I also went to Dali and Lijiang.
(3) The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is really beautiful.

Yeah. What about you?
(4) I’m from Xi’An. 

Wow, great place!
(4) Did you see the Terracotta Warriors?
I did, twice. Very interesting
(4) Come back any time.
Thank you. And what about you?
(5) I’m from Shenzhen in Guangdong.
Wow, great place!
(5) I guess you haven’t been…

I have, many times. You often go to Hong Kong?

(5) Yeah, sometimes. Hong Kong is very expensive.

Do you need a visa?
(5) I don’t need.
(4) But, Oliver, you, where are you from?
Me? I’m from
the USA / the Czech Republic / the UK / Japan / Canada / Australia.

(1-5) Wow, great place!

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