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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 29
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

Y:    ei, aolifu.

O:   ei, xiao yao. 

Y:    ni pang le, yizhi he ke kou ke le. 

       ye meiyou gua huzi. ni hai hao


O:   en, wo zuijin youdian mang. 

Y:    mang shenme?

O:    jiu shi, kan dianshi.      

Y:    aiya, ni zhege lan chong. bu xing. 

       ni yinggai yao duo duanlian 

       shenti. ni keyi paobu, youyong, qi 


O:   aya, tai lei le.

Y:    ni zhe yang bu jiankang. ei, 

       women dongtian qu dongbei ba, 

       hua xue.

O:   leng si le!

Y:    wo danxin ni. Ni pei wo ba, 

       women yiqi pao yi quan.

O:   hao de. ei, man dian!

Y:    kuai dian!

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

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Y:    诶, 奥利弗。

O:   诶, 小姚。 

Y:    你胖了,一直喝可口可乐。也没有


O:    嗯, 我最近有点忙。 

Y:    忙什么? 

O:    就是, 看电视。      

Y:    哎呀, 你这个懒虫。不行。你



O:    啊呀,太累了。

Y:    你这样不健康。诶,我们冬天去


O:    冷死了!

Y:    我担心你。你陪我吧,我们一起


O:    好的。。。诶,慢点!

Y:    快点!

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Translation from Chinese to English

Y:    Hey, Oliver.

O:   Hey, Xiao Yao.

Y:    You’re fat, always drinking your Coca Cola. And you didn’t shave. Are you OK?

O:    Yeah, quite busy lately. 

Y:    Doing what?
O:    Watching TV.

Y:    You lazy bum! That’s no good. You should do more exercise. You could run, swim, ride a bicycle.

O:    I’ll get tired!

Y:    It’s not healthy what you’re doing. You know what? Let’s go skiing in Dongbei this winter.

O:    Freezing cold!

Y:    I’m worried about you. Come on, let’s run a loop together.
O:    OK… hey, slow down!

Y:    Hurry up!

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