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Conversation with English subtitles


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Chinese for beginners, Lesson 19,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

A =    client

B =    shop assistent

C =    husband

A:    ni xihuan zhege ma?  

C:    hai xing.

A:    haishi zhege?

C:    en, mama huhu.

A:    qing wen. zhege duoshao qian?

B:    zhege yao ba bai wu shi kuai.

A:    name gui! ke bu keyi pianyi

        yidian er?

B:    zhege…zuidi yao ba bai kuai.

A:    na ruguo mai shige de hua, ke

       bu keyi zai pianyi yidian er?  

B:    ruguo ni yao mai shige de hua,

       keyi pianyi si fenzhi yi. 

A:    na yigong shi duoshao qian?

B:    ba qian de si fenzhi san, jiu shi

       liu qian kuai renminbi.

A:    xing, keyi.

B:    nin zhende yao mai shige ma?

A:    shi de. shi wo laogong. ta bu

       xihuan huan yifu. xiexie en.

B:    bu ke qi.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    你喜欢这个吗?  

C:    还行。

A:    还是这个?

C:    嗯,马马虎虎。

A:    请问。这个多少钱? 

B:    这个要八百五十块。

A:    那么贵!可不可以便宜一点儿?

B:    这个。。。最低要八百块。

A:    那如果买十个的话,可不可以再


B:    如果你要买十个的话,可以便宜


A:    那一共是多少钱?

B:    八千的四分之三,就是六千块


A:    行,可以。

B:    您真的要买十个吗?

A:    是的。是我老公,


B:    不客气。

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Translation from Chinese to English

A:    Do you like this one?  

C:    Not bad.

A:    Or this one?

C:    So-so.

A:    Excuse me, how much is this one?

B:    This one is 850 kuai.

A:    That’s expensive! Can you make it a little cheaper?

B:    This one… The lowest price is 800 kuai.

A:    Well, if I buy 10 pieces, could you make it even cheaper?

B:    If you buy 10, I can give you 25% discount.

A:    How much would that be in total?

B:    75% of 8000, that is 6000 RMB.

A:    OK, I’ll take it.

B:    Do you really want to buy 10?

A:    Yes. It’s my husband. He doesn’t like to change clothes. Thank you.

B:    You’re welcome.

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