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Conversational Chinese, Lesson 17
Conversation with English subtitles


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Learn Chinese for beginners,
Conversation 17, In the supermarket

(written in pinyin)

A:    aya, duibuqi. 

B:    mei shi er, mei shi er.

       qing wen, ni jiehun le ma?

A:    mei you. 

B:    ni mei you laogong ma?     

A:    mei you. ni ne?

       ni you laopo ma? 

B:    mei you. na ni you nan pengyou

        ba, name piaoliang. 

A:    mei you, wo shi danshen.  

B:    zhende jiade?    

A:    wo bu pian ni. ni kending you

       nv pengyou. name shuai.  

B:    mei you. wo ye shi danshen.    

A:    ni xihuan da xia ma? 

B:    hao chi. ni xihuan bai putaojiu


A:    hao he. gen wode da xia

       zhen heshi.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation 17 with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

A:    啊呀, 对不起。 

B:    没事儿,没事儿。


A:    没有。 

B:    你没有老公吗?   

A:    没有。你呢?你有老婆吗? 

B:    没有。那你有男朋友吧,


A:    没有, 我是单身。  

B:    真的假的?    

A:    我不骗你。你肯定有女朋友。


B:    没有。我也是单身。   

A:    你喜欢大虾吗? 

B:    好吃。你喜欢白葡萄酒吗?

A:    好喝。跟我的大虾真合适。

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Translation from Chinese to English

A:    Oh no, sorry. 

B:    It’s OK.

       Excuse me, are you married?

A:    No.

B:    You don’t have a husband?

A:    No. What about you? You have a wife?

B:    I don’t. Surely you have a boyfriend, you’re so pretty.

A:    I don’t, I’m single.

B:    Are you joking?

A:    I don’t fool you. You must have a girlfriend. You’re so handsome. 

B:    I don’t. I’m also single.

A:    Do you like prawns?

B:    Delicious. Do you like white wine?

A:    Delicious. Goes very well with my prawns.

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