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Free Chinese lessons for beginners, 27
Conversation with English subtitles

(written in pinyin)

S = Su, O = Oliver

O: qin ai de, xing xing.

S: …

O: xing xing. wo xiang gen ni wan ge

     xiao youxi.

S: ei, ni bie pai wo!

O: mei shi. women wan yixia ba. 

S: hao ba.


S: ranhou ne? zhe shi shenme youxi


O: shao deng. shi shi lingwai yige ba.


S: aolifu, zhe bu hao wan.

O: xing. na jiu, zai yige jiu hao.




S: shi de, zhuren. 

O: zan! su, ni hao. qing ni gaosu wo

     nide xuliehao. 

S: GTS-808-W.

O: nide dianchi zhuangtai ruhe?

S: dianliang bai fenzhi bashiqi.

O: nide jiyiti zhuangtai ruhe?

S: zong rongliang ershisi QB. yi

    shiyong liu QB.

O: nide renwu shi shenme?

S: yinyou, ranhou xiaomie.

O: nide mubiao shi shei?

S: jujue cunqu.


S: shouquan cunqu.

O: su, nide mubiao shi shei?

S: aolifu A B.

O: cao, wo jiu zhidao!

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

O: 亲爱的,醒醒。

S: 。。。

O: 醒醒。我想跟你玩个小游戏。

S: 诶,你别拍我!

O: 没事。我们玩一下吧。

S: 好吧。


S: 然后呢?这是什么游戏啊?

O: 稍等。试试另外一个吧。


S: 奥利弗,这不好玩。

O: 行。那就再一个就好。




S: 是的,主人。

O: 赞!素,你好。请你告诉我你的


S: GTS-808-W.

O: 你的电池状态如何?

S: 电量百分之八十七。

O: 你的记忆体状态如何?

S: 总容量二十四 QB。已使用六 QB。

O: 你的任务是什么?

S: 引诱,然后消灭。

O: 你的目标是谁?

S: 拒绝存取。


S: 授权存取。

O: 素,你的目标是谁?

S: 奥利弗 A B。

O: 操,我就知道!

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Translation from Chinese to English

O: Baby, wake up.
S: …

O: Wake up. I wanna play a game with you.

S: Hey, don’t film me!

O: Don’t worry. Let’s play.

S: OK.

S: So? What kind of game is this?

O: Wait, let’s try another one. VPL8NVFM.

S: Oliver, I don’t like this game.
O: OK. One more, and I’ll stop. MMMSLJQY.



S: Hello, Master.
O: Yes! Hello, Su. Please tell me your serial number.
S: GTS-808-W.

O: What is the status of your battery?
S: Charged 87%.

O: What is the status of your memory?

S: Total memory 24 QB. Occupied 6 QB.

O: What’s your mission?

S: Seduce and eliminate.
O: Who is your target?
S: Access denied.


S: Access authorized.
O: Su, who is your target?

S: Oliver A.B.
O: Fuck, I knew it!

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