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(written in pinyin)

J = Jessica. O = Oliver.

J: ni chi dao le.

O: bu hao yisi. du che.

J: hu shuo ba dao.

O: shenme yisi?

J: wo ganggang kanzhe ni qi

    zixingche guolai de. aya, pian wo

    de ren hai mei chusheng ne… 

    deng yixia… ni qu guo le ma?

O: en.

J: na, tamen naer de zhongguo cai 

    zenme yang?

O: wa. zhen bu cuo.

J: bi womende hai haochi?

O: keyi zhe yang shuo.

J: aya, wo zhidao le. dan zhe yang

    hui pohuai wode shengyi.

    wo zhidao le zenme ban.

O: zenme ban ne?

J: wo yao mai xia tade canting.

O: hua duoshao qian?

J: wu shi wan.

O: meijin?

J: renminbi!

O: na ta bu tongyi de hua ne?

J: na wo jiu rang wode lvshi lai jiejue.

    ta shenme wenti dou neng jiejue.

O: en.

J: na ni qu yinhang qu qian ba.

O: hao de. yihuier jian.

J: xing. yao kuai dian, a.

O: en.

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Learn to write Chinese characters,
Conversation with English subtitles

(written with Chinese characters)

J: 你迟到了。

O: 不好意思。堵车。

J: 胡说八道。

O: 什么意思?

J: 我刚刚看着你骑自行车过来的。



O: 嗯。

J: 那,他们那儿的中国菜怎么样?

O: 哇,真不错。

J: 比我们的还好吃?

O: 可以这样说。

J: 啊呀,我知道了。但这样会破坏


O: 怎么办呢?

J: 我要买下他的餐厅。

O: 花多少钱?

J: 五十万。

O: 美金?

J: 人民币。

O: 那他不同意的话呢?

J: 那我就让我的律师来解决。


O: 嗯。

J: 那你去银行取钱吧。

O: 好的。一会儿见。

J: 行。要快点啊。

O: 嗯。

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Translation from Chinese to English

J: You’re late.

O: Sorry. Traffic jam.
J: Bullshit.

O: What do you mean?

J: I just saw you arrive on your bicycle. Man, nobody can fool me… Wait….  Did you go there?
O: Yeah.

J: So what about their Chinese food?

O: Wow, really not bad.

J: Better than ours?

O: You could say that.

J: I knew it. He’s gonna ruin my business like that. I know what to do.

O: What?

J: I’m gonna buy his restaurant.

O: How much?

J: 500.000.

O: Dollar?

O: And what if he doesn’t agree?

J: Then I’ll let my lawyer handle it. She can solve any problem.

O: I see.

J: Go to the bank and get the money.
O: OK. See you in a bit.

J: Yeah. Hurry up.
O: OK.

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